Conservative Party leader says Ettinger is excellent choice for judge

Posted 6 November 2017 at 4:11 pm


The Conservative Party along with the Democratic Party have been able to offer the voters in Orleans County an excellent choice for the position of County Court Judge with the nomination of Tonia Ettinger.

She is a salt of the earth, Orleans County hometown lady. Tonia might not have the family genealogy that would interest people like the History Professor from GCC or the Orleans County Historian who posts articles on the Orleans Hub and in The Daily News, but I believe she does appeal to the common person in this county.

Unlike Attorney Church “whose family has been lawyers for years” (his words), Tonia made the decision to further her education “First in her family to attend college” and decided that the legal profession would be the goal that she would pursue. Education finance was just one issue that she had to deal with, having come from a family with limited means. I am willing to bet that the subject wasn’t that important to the family of Sanford A. Church in his quest for higher learning. It was his duty to keep the Church name lineage intact.

I believe it to be of the utmost importance to have a clear mind when researching a case and handing down a judgement from the bench. A personal malady or dreams of being on a sports field shouldn’t compromise the thoughts of a judge while the court is in session.

The remark that Mr. Church made at the end of the interview conducted by Tom Rivers, editor of the Orleans Hub, and posted on the same 23 October 2017 is what concerned me most. Church stated, and I quote: The people that know the area (what does that mean?) and know me, who aren’t making snap judgements on me from “one experience” (if he would make a comment like this, something must be bothering him about some of his clients). They respect my ability.

Please vote for Tonia Ettinger on the Conservative or the Democrat line. Tonia is not one to rush to judgement, but will take the time required to listen and sort the information out before rendering a just decision.

Allen Lofthouse


(Mr. Lofthouse is chairman of the Orleans County Conservative Party)