Conservative Party leader has no apologies for faulting Democrats, praising Trump

Posted 3 November 2020 at 9:23 am


In response to Carol Nochajski and Cindy Fleischer. Being a Democrat, a liberal or a progressive is an actual mental disorder. It causes much destruction socially, economically, mentally and politically.

I am not a fan of many of the socialist norms such as subsidies and many government programs and until politicians man up (I said MAN) and do away with them, they are part of the landscape.

I am however opposed to Venezuela and Cuban-type socialism that your party will impose on this country if by chance they win this election. It’s not my fault that you see everything backwards and have not looked into your awful candidate Nate McMurry.

After all, in his words, he is an admirer of Bernie Sanders but his politics are more in line with Elizabeth Warren, you know the woman that lied for years about her Native American genes. Used it to advance her career and says if she was elected president she would end all commercial electricity and much more crazy things such as reparations and open borders.

I also have no fear of the coronavirus. I am strong, I am healthy (and quite handsome for an old brute) and I still work as hard as I did when I was 20 years old. The coronavirus fears me and the tiger blood that flows through my veins.

Oh and by the way no one has done a better job on the coronavirus that our president and if you think differently than you must think ill of the leaders of other countries that are spiking around the world. Such denial on the left and devoid of reality.

No Carol and Cindy I do not want to work with the left. I want to defeat them and their sickness and rid them from the public offices, board rooms and school systems and have normal commonsense people living in reality. I ask you this, would they compromise with me or other normal thinking people?

I want sensible environmental conservation not the radical, hysterical buffoonery that comes from the left. Democrat and RINO Republican regulations moved jobs off shores. Mostly Democrats.

The president has brought them back. You can deny this but it’s true. It’s as true as Obama-Biden built the cages for children at the border. You won’t acknowledged the horrible thing Nate said about Caputo.

Hey it would not be so bad but he tries to portray himself as a nice guy above that kind of thing. No it is you and Carol that will need to seek therapy or a healthy outlet after November 3rd when your candidate loses, Pelosi is sent packing, Mitch will be in charge of putting more conservative judges in the courts and 45 becomes 46 for 4 more years.

Now that’s confidence.

Paul Lauricella


Chairman of the Orleans County Conservative Party