Conservative Party chairman urges votes for Culhane, Smith and Mitchell in Gaines

Posted 3 November 2017 at 6:16 pm


August 26, 2017 began as a good day at Heritage Estates in the town of Gaines. Gaines Town Supervisor Carol Culhane along with Councilwoman Susan Smith are candidates for their present positions with Debra Mitchell, presently Gaines Deputy Town Clerk, is running for the position of Gaines Town Clerk.

The trio was entertaining a “Meet and Greet” Forum at the office of Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeCarlo. The DeCarlos are owners of Heritage Estates and graciously offered their facility so the mature adult residents of Heritage Estates would not have to travel a distance to interact with their town representatives.

The event was proceeding well when Mr. Joseph Grube and the rest of the Gaines GOP Nominating Committee arrived on the scene. The residents of Heritage Estates hadn’t experienced this kind of behavior in their quiet community in the past. It was an “in your face” yelling, arguing and upsetting demonstration.

Grube is a candidate for the position of Supervisor for the Town of Gaines with a nonsensical platform of transparency that comes with a price tag of $28,000, compared to the salary of Carol Culhane that is less than $8,000, which includes the positions of Supervisor, Budget Officer and Web Site Manager.

Mr. Grube and his entourage of empty barrels did include Susan Heard, currently the Orleans County Treasurer who is also a candidate for the position of Gaines Town Clerk on the Democrat line. I suppose her primary goal is to raise the image of Gaines along with a little “Double Dipping.”

Does she think the years as Treasurer rubbing elbows with the county bureaucrats has given her the experience to serve the common people without the arrogance showing through? It was at the September 28, 2015 Orleans County Legislature meeting that said it all. When the Treasurer’s Report, which amounts to tossing a sheet of paper in front of each legislator, was complete, she took her seat put her head in her hands and in a low voice remarked, “Don’t ask me any questions, please.” They in fact didn’t.

The people in Heritage Estates want nothing to do with Grube’s Group. In essence Grube, Heard and their followers have taken the top off a ground hornet’s nest. Hornets aren’t happy when their habitat is disturbed and they let you know it. I would hope that “Heritage Estates Residents” tell their friends and that it relates to a “sting” at the ballot box.

Please vote for Carol Culhane for Supervisor. She has proven she works for the people of Gaines and doesn’t coddle the few that want to be coddled.

Please vote for Susan Smith for Councilwoman. She has demonstrated her commitment to Gaines and its people in many ways.

Please vote for Debra Mitchell Town Clerk. She is a people person, and will answer your questions or find out the answer if she doesn`t know it.

I am a representative of the registered Conservative voters in the Town of Gaines.

Allen Lofthouse

Chairman of Orleans County Conservative Party