Conservative Party chairman urges support for local candidates and Trump for president

Posted 20 October 2020 at 6:41 pm


With the election a stone’s throw away, I would like to recommend the Conservative Party-endorsed candidates for your consideration.

What a great job Diane Shampine has done as our County Clerk over the last year. Why on earth would we remove her from this smooth, efficient running agency and replace her with someone who has many other obligations to committees, boards and outside activities that full devotion and attention to a complicated job like the County Clerk may be in doubt? Diane has one job and one devotion: to give the residents of Orleans County the best run, efficient, fiscally responsible County Clerk’s Office of any county.

For County Coroner there is no one better than Rocco Sidari. I won’t get long winded here because he has no challengers but he possesses the qualities, empathy and personality along with much experience to do this job.

For Murray Highway Superintendent the highly qualified Dirk Lammes is the best choice. This job requires lifetime knowledge and experience. For instance and no disrespect to his opponent, but if there is a water main burst at 3 a.m. or anytime? Who would you call to repair it? The Sheriff’s Department or the guy that other large municipalities call with confidence? Who would you trust to drive a 20-plus ton, quarter million dollar plow truck in the middle of the night in blinding white outs? The guy who has done it all his life or the guy that is working on getting his CDL license?

Dirk knows how to be the superintendent of water and is licensed. His opponent would have to learn and get licensed. Dirk knows heavy equipment. He knows how to repair it and he will be a working superintendent. Not a figure head collecting a check being trained by the deputy superintendent. The taxpayers deserve to get their money’s worth and have a guy that can hit the road running especially in the most dangerous time of the year, winter, when roads must be plowed and maintained properly.

Many of us see Supreme Court Justice Candidates and really don’t know much about them at voting time. I recommend and endorse Gerald S. Greenan. He will interpret the constitution as written. He will uphold the laws of the land. He will not legislate from the bench and is a friend of the Second Amendment. He is a conservative judge.

For NY 27 Congress Chris Jacobs is the only choice. The alternative is a radical leftist named Nate McMurray. He will be a lapdog to Nancy Pelosi. An admirer of the squad – AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley. All who hate this country and condone and justify the left’s violence in the streets.

McMurray is a Bernie Sanders’ supporter and is to the left of radical congressman Brian Higgins. If elected McMurray would oversee the destruction of this country with great enthusiasm. Please save the seat and our district by voting for Chris Jacobs.

For President with unanimous endorsement from the Conservative Party: Donald John Trump. One of the greatest presidents to hold office, he has done and accomplished more in 4 years than his last two predecessors. He is the John Wayne of our times and our country needs him now more than ever. The radical left will burn this country to the ground if the Trojan Horse Joe Biden is elected. All tradition, history and the constitution will be eliminated. They will pack the Supreme Court. Get rid of the Electoral College and eliminate the Senate filibuster. Biden would be removed from office because of dementia and one of the most unlikable, radical , San Francisco communists will be president: Kamala Harris.

She condones and believes that left’s violence is justified and should continue even after the election. She will hand this country over to the leftist anarchists and fill her cabinet with those who hate our country. She will be far worse than Obama. Besides Obama-Biden, Biden-Harris is one of the most crooked tickets in US history. If you love your God, freedom, and your country, please save us and vote Trump for President.

Conservative Republicans send a clear message and vote Row C on the Conservative line. That you are all these pros – life, America first, Second Amendment, strict constructionist judges, nuclear family, morality, law and order, liberty, legal immigration, English language, borders, culture, constitution as written, rugged individualism, self reliance, tradition, love of country and allegiance to our flag.

Get out and vote in person. The lunatic leftists and the Democrats will be cheating every step of the way to steal this election. Vote.

Thank you for your time.

Paul Lauricella

Orleans County Conservative Party Chairman