Conservative Party chairman urges support for ‘limited government’ candidates

Posted 25 June 2023 at 7:55 am


What process goes into the endorsement of a candidate from the local Conservative Party? For incumbents who return, were they ethical? Did they properly put services up for bid? Have they hired competent people to provide services? Have they spent money foolishly?

Did they put the taxpayer first prioritizing needs over wants? Did they work for the people or did they work to keep power? Did they fill positions with friends and family? Did they regulate at will and the worst offense of all to a conservative committeeman is have they voted to raise your taxes?

You should now get the Idea. For new endorsements, will they keep their promises? We are the conscience, the commonsense for the Republican Party that in many cases commit Democrat offenses.

For Barre Town Supervisor first-time endorsed Scott A. Burnside. An impressive life’s work. Homeland Security, ICE, Marine Corps and Army, Combat Veteran Bronze Star. His views on raising taxes, regulations, voter referendums on expensive projects, oath of office, fidelity to the Constitution and his just plain commonsense approach and knowledge of budgeting makes him the hands-up choice to run the Town of Barre. He knows how government works. He got a majority thumbs up from the Conservative Party committee. We believe he will be a competent supervisor working in the interest of all residents of Barre.

This is why we endorsed Joe Sidonio for the third time to pilot Murray’s ship on a straight course. His record stands on its own, like him or not. He has cut taxes both terms. He has rooted out unethical practices. He has vastly improved the water problem. He saves the taxpayers money. The man creates smart budgets. You would think that his board of (Republicans?) would love him. Sadly in this county many elected Republicans despise true Conservatives. It interferes with their inner Democrat.

For Murray Councilman, Erik J. Collyer. A first-time endorsement. A no-nonsense tell-it-like-it-is man. Ask him a question you get a straight answer with no sugar-coating. An impressive candidate to come before our committee. Committed to making Murray a better place to live. If I was assembling a dream team of commonsense Conservatives to run limited government both he and Sidonio would be on it. A much-needed addition in the town of Murray.

For Town of Shelby Highway Superintendent, Dale S. Root. Second-time endorsed candidate. Why? Because he kept his promise to save the taxpayers money while providing a good service to the people that pay the bills. You. He went to straight salt in the winter saving the taxpayer tens of thousands of dollars and achieving the same results without the expensive additives, safe roads free of snow. In-house repairs to equipment. His private sector experience and knowledge of budgeting has saved the Shelby taxpayer plenty. He has done the work of applying for a grant for a new truck. Using the grant process frugally so it will benefit everyone in the town and could be a savings of $300,000. He has come in under budget every year. No matter what question the committee asked him you got straight answer with no excuses or back pedaling. Dale has done a stellar job for residents of Shelby. Whether it’s on water, paving, plowing, working with others or hands on labor, he is a fiscally conservative leader and deserves a second term.

The Conservative Party Committee of Orleans County believes that these are the best “limited government” candidates to move your town forward in a professional fiscally responsible manner. With respect to oath of office and fidelity to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Please consider voting for these candidates early or on the June 27 Primary day.


Paul Lauricella Jr.

Orleans County Conservative Party Chairman