Conservative Party chairman states support for candidates

Posted 2 November 2019 at 2:17 pm


Please vote for the candidates on the Conservative Party line on Nov. 5 and here’s why. For sheriff, I am convinced Chris Bourke knows what’s going on and what is the best way to deal with it for our county and our great Orleans County law enforcement officers.

For the Highway Superintendent races: In Clarendon, Tracy Chalker will do a great job for you and watch the spending. For Shelby, Dale Root couldn’t be a better choice. My story is Dale’s story. As a small businessman many of us and our families go without just to keep the doors open. Dale will bring common sense and precious value to your tax dollars much better than a comfortable 40-year career politician. Please invoke term limits in Shelby.

For the Town Supervisor races:  In Murray, Joe Sidonio is a rare gem. He’s actually going into government to reduce taxes, reduce the regulatory burden and work for the people. All of the people. Joe is a leader of men and a rare candidate. A fighter for ethics. He has done much to change Murray Town government from the outside. Imagine what he can do on the inside. He has never given up on what is right so now send him to victory with your help on the conservative line.

For Ridgeway, David Stalker is desperately needed. On the outside the current supervisor would make you think his long overstay is a road paved with roses. On the inside, a long history of excessive regulation. Targeting businesses he doesn’t like. Regularly raising your taxes. Now allowing an industrial solar farm into your town and playing into Cuomo’s green scheme of dumping these projects into rural NY with no gain to you.

For the Town Council Races: For Murray, Dirk Lammes is going into government for the same reasons Joe Sidonio is. Cut your taxes, reduce the regulatory burden, and be a fierce watch dog of your tax dollars and unethical practices that plague town governments in this county. Please send Dirk to that seat. Joe will need him as an ally against a machine that wants to continue the “Status Quo.”

For Barre, Kerri Richardson a registered Conservative bringing all the conservative values abandoned by the Republicans in this county to the table. She wants to cut taxes and reduce the regulatory burden on the town residents. Bring common sense and ethics back to government. She will also protect Barre from becoming Governor Cuomo’s next dumping grounds for the Industrial Wind Scam that is being sold as a savior to the planet and gold in the coffers for all. A scam is scam is a scam. Don’t fall for it people of Barre. Vote on the Conservative Line for Kerri.

For Gaines, Dr. Mary Neilans will also bring proven conservative principals to her job as councilwoman. Watching your tax dollars with hawk eyes. Saying no to excessive purchases and spending. Using common sense in her voting. Mary resided over many years of tax cuts in the past. She is fearless and I trust her to always do the right thing for the taxpayers. Send Dr. Mary back for another term on the conservative line.

For Shelby Town Justice, please vote for registered Conservative Mark Wambach. Mark will bring his conservative values and wisdom to the bench and implement the law fairly. The politicians will never vote for term limits. It’s up to the voters. Mark will do a great job.

Get up, get out, go vote, early or on election day.

Thank you.

Paul Lauricella


Orleans County Conservative Party Chairman