Conservative Party chairman has rebuttal for codes officer

Posted 12 September 2016 at 7:00 pm


Mr. Ron Vendetti holds himself in very high regard projecting himself to be an expert while he is focused on bullying residents instead of working with people to solve issues and attract businesses. He is holding back prosperity lost in his own delusions unable to distinguish fact from fiction. Like the Town of Murray board he is in denial no longer able to defend the dysfunction which has become the norm. People are waking up!

Refer to Mr. Vendetti’s letter posted on Sept. 7.

True or False: “I am a civil service employee not appointed or elected.”  FALSE, Mr. Ed Morgan recently appointed Ron Vendetti to the Republican Committee which is an elected position. So he is both appointed and elected.

True or False: “I have the respect of the professionals I work with.” FALSE, Mr. Vendetti was terminated from the Village of Albion some years ago basically for his unprofessional behavior. He was reinstated after an expensive lawsuit won on a technicality over a procedural issue when released. Being terminated is not a sign of respect!

True or False: “John Morriss (Murray Town Supervisor) never said the taxpayers were being overtaxed.” FALSE, Supervisors Report April 12, 2016: “We should be collecting a minimum of 10% of the bond payment plus additional money for basic operation and maintenance of the water districts.” According to the contracts signed by water district residents the water district tax should equal the principal and interest of the loan to install the infrastructure. Operations and maintenance is funded by the sale of water to end users. It’s the same game that was going on in the Town of Gaines and cleaned up by Mrs. Carol Culhane.

True or False: “Mr. Lofthouse has never held office where he has had to make a decision and live with the consequences. As chairman of the Conservative Party he’s elected exactly no candidates.” FALSE, as Conservative Party chairman we endorsed Randy Bower for Sheriff while the Republican Party divided itself arm wrestling over power grabs, funding and who to endorse. Perhaps you are unaware, but Mr. Bower is our elected Sheriff and endorsed by the Conservative Party.

Mr. Vendetti asks “Where in the NYS Health Code does it say where the backflow preventer has to be placed or what type has to be there?” Answer, NYS Sanitary Code, Part 5-1.31. Perhaps he should ask Water Superintendent Ed Morgan who approved Councilman Lloyd Christ’s non-compliant water connection. According to the Notice of Violation dated August 22, 2016 issued to the Town of Murray by the health department the “failure to protect the water distribution system without cross connection control immediately downstream of a hydrant. This practice is an egregious Category 1 Public Health Hazard due to the potential negative impact on the health of those utilizing public water.”

In light of the October 2015 Violations for E.Coli in your public water one should exhibit a little more concern for the citizens of Murray’s safe drinking water than you do for the health, safety, and welfare of grass cutting and attempting to control parking outside the Town’s jurisdiction on State Property.

Mr. Vendetti, you responded to serious issues in Murray in the same lax, deceptive manner the Town Board has. The cost of the primary election is money well spent and much less costly than the triple dip on health care that Mr. Morgan quietly enjoys. Quit being a bully, grow up and try to do some good for your community. It wouldn’t hurt to look in the mirror with or without the salt!

Al Lofthouse