Conservative Party candidates offer hope to reverse NY decline

Posted 27 February 2022 at 7:31 am


The NY State Conservative Party gave its nominations on Friday. They nominated Michael Henry for Attorney General. Nominated Paul Rodriguez For State Comptroller. Nominated Allison Esposito for Lieutenant Governor. Nominated Lee Zeldin for Governor and nominated Joe Pinion for US Senate. Remember these names as the 2022 campaign is now in full force.

Conservatives, Republicans and sane Democrats need to understand that this is the last hope for NY State. One-party, progressive-Democrat insane rule has given us high taxes, rampant corruption, totalitarian rules, high crime, anti-police rhetoric, high energy costs, green stupidity, woke policies, a rotted culture and total incompetence in every Democrat-controlled office in the state. The current un-elected Governor fits all these categories and more. It’s do or die for NY State.

The Conservative Party is backing pro-law enforcement candidates that will take it to the dangerous criminal coddling Democrats and will bring NY back to the power house it was long ago before disastrous Democrats completely ruined this state.

Watch this video of the Conservative Party nominations and fast forward to the candidates laying out what they will do to return NY to its long lost glory. Get to know them. We have one shot and this is the time. Stand and fight. Democrats and their policies have to be stopped wherever they run.

Paul Lauricella


Mr. Lauricella is the chairman of the Orleans County Conservative Party