Conservative Party backs local term limits so no one becomes too powerful

Posted 20 March 2018 at 9:20 am


When I read the letter entitled “Shelby town government needs fair process for filling vacancies” I could not help but think, here, again, is an example of what is wrong with our political situation in Orleans County.

It seems every state audit of the towns in our county is revealing something that is critical. The problem, I believe, can be traced back to term limits. If anyone, or any “good old boys club” is in power too long, this is the result.

The incumbent party has their anointed ones that they want to run and God forbid anyone should try to challenge their plans. If you do not believe this is true, talk to anyone who has had the audacity, in recent years, to force a primary.

I believe this recent event in Shelby is a new low. To not even have the class to respond to someone that wants to serve is extremely disappointing. To me, it simply shows the disdain these committee members hold those (us) who are not part of that good old boys club.

The one good thing this letter brings to light is the place to make changes and that is at the committee level. The Republican and Conservative party committees are reorganizing this year and that is where real changes can happen.

The Conservative Party committee will not endorse anyone who has more than 12 years in office. This is the only way term limits are going to ever become a reality and term limits are the only way real changes are going to take place in the politics of this county. If interested in joining a committee, call Al Lofthouse (Conservative Party chairman) at 659-8382

Ken Longer


Member of Conservative Party committee

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