Conservative Party announces endorsements for town offices

Staff Reports Posted 23 May 2017 at 10:39 pm

No one seeking county office sought Conservative backing

The Orleans County Conservative Party Committee announced its endorsements of the following candidates for the 2017 local elections.

The Conservatives didn’t endorse anyone for a county position, because none of those candidates asked for the party’s backing, said Paul Lauricella Jr., vice chairman of the Conservative Party in Orleans County.

The town endorsements include the following for town supervisors:

• Town Supervisor of Barre – Robin Nacca

• Town Supervisor of Gaines ­– Carol E. Culhane

• Town Supervisor of Murray – Joseph Sidonio

• Town Supervisor of Shelby ­– Edward A. Houseknecht

• Town Supervisor of Yates – James Joseph Simon

Town Council positions

•  Councilman of Albion –  Matthew John Passarell

• Councilwoman of Gaines – Susan Marie Smith

• Councilman of Murray – Michael Whalen

• Councilman of Yates – Paul Lauricella Jr.

Other town endorsements

• Highway Superintendent of Carlton – David Krull

•  Town Clerk of Gaines – Debra S. Mitchell

• Town Clerk of Kendall – Amy Richardson

• Town Clerk of Ridgeway – Karen L Kaiser

• Town Judge of Barre – Richard Decarlo Jr.

Lauricella issued this statement about the endorsements:

“We evaluate not by what you say but by how you vote. Our incumbents have displayed time after time fiscal restraint, reducing taxes and standing up against the status quo. Restraint of regulations that hurt the ordinary citizen and stifle business while protecting the integrity of our towns and county. Putting the taxpayer before the party machine and one’s own gain. Being a public servant instead of self serving. Respecting and understanding the constitution that they swear their oath of office to.

We feel that those new who we have endorsed for the first time will be instruments of change that this county sorely needs. Not going along to get along and controlling spending. As President Trump said, ‘What have you got to lose?’ You have been voting for establishment Republicans every election and what have you gotten? Tax increases , excessive spending, excessive regulations and a mass exit of people out of Orleans County. Time for change. Vote the Conservative endorsed candidate. ‘Say No to the Status Quo.'”

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