Conservative board members in Lyndonville will stand up for principles

Posted 19 May 2024 at 8:06 pm


To the Lyndonville School District voters, you have the choice to sit on the sidelines like usual or you can go and vote on May 21 from noon to 8 p.m. for two reasons.

The first reason is, no disrespect to Mr. Price (LTA president), but I for one will not be voting for individuals endorsed by the teachers’ union because I am extremely uncomfortable with teacher union-endorsed candidates negotiating union contracts on my behalf. Lyndonville voters are you comfortable with teacher union-endorsed candidates negotiating on your behalf? My taxes are already damaging mine and my family’s lifestyle. I am overtaxed and don’t need nor want to be burdened with higher taxes.

Reason two to go and vote are the actions of all the candidates. Mr. Vann, Ms. Hrovat and Mr. Lewis have their past votes and beliefs exposed by their experience at the job. Mr. Vann and Ms. Hrovat, in my opinion, are sincere in their proclamation of caring for the youth of Lyndonville. That includes my two.

I have seen some disturbing public posts about alternative lifestyles, supporting a known communist organization and defunding the police made by a teacher union-endorsed candidate.

I like the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office presence at Lyndonville Schools. I know that the current Lyndonville School Board members have stopped some alternative lifestyle books from Lyndonville youth. I believe that porn is for 18 and older. Some alternative lifestyle books approved for NY youth in my opinion are pornographic and should not be allowed in NY schools, especially in Lyndonville where my two are registered.

There are laws that get broken to appease mentally challenged persons even though the United States is a republic, which means the Rule of Law governs. However, willful neglect of the law is not the topic here.

If the Lyndonville School District voters fail to show up to vote then major changes to the Lyndonville School District most likely will take place. Higher taxes, teaching alternative lifestyle sex and communism indoctrination will be coming to Lyndonville youth, courtesy of the complacent Village of Lyndonville and Town of Yates voters.

Acknowledgement: most likely alternative lifestyle sex is already being taught in Health Class. When I went to school we were taught the evils of communism and why it fails along with why true democracy leads to oppression and destroys the Middle Class.

The Rule of Law matters. Also, why you should be an educated voter.

I am voting for proven conservative Lyndonville School District Board members, Steve Vann, Susan Hrovat and Ted Lewis.

Steve Colon