Congressman’s ‘no’ vote on Postal Service perplexes and shows incompetence

Posted 1 September 2020 at 1:59 pm


I am duly shocked by Chris Jacobs’ “no” vote on additional funding for the United States Post Office.

He claims his vote was a mistake. Well, it was or it wasn’t. But either way, he is clearly showing his incompetence in his role as our Congressman for NY27. The Post Office is a vitally important service at all times, but more so in an election amid the Covid-19 pandemic. There are many voters who will be dependent on absentee ballots.

If a mistake, how can he be as irresponsible as to error when voting on this imperative issue? My understanding is a vote is made by pressing the Yes or No button. The result is shown on an overhead screen and the Congress person is afforded an immediate opportunity to change the vote if it is wrong.

If not a mistake, then it is a vile affront to his constituents by supporting a Trump position and then saying “oops, I didn’t mean it.” We have a right to know his platform without lies or hypocrisy.

We need real representation in Congress and Nate McMurray will provide it. He will work hard for the people of this district emphasizing visibility and communication. He is a moderate Democrat. I note that most of the anti-Nate ads and statements are simply wrong.

This election is vitally important. Do your research to get the facts and above all, vote. Our democracy depends on it.

Carri Ludwig

Clarence (formerly Waterport)