Congressman votes to treat some as second-class citizens

Posted 25 September 2020 at 9:31 pm


Congressman Chris Jacobs once again shows his totally grotesque subservience to President Trump. In a vote on the House Resolution, (H.R. 908), that condemns all forms of anti-Asian racism, Mr. Jacobs voted no.

The bill reads: “The resolution recommits U.S. leadership to (1) prioritize language access and inclusivity in communication practices and (2) combat misinformation and discrimination that puts Asian-Americans at risk.”

This is what our Congressman voted against. Our congressman favors treating Asian-Americans as second class citizens. I am reminded of a poem by Lutheran pastor Martin Niemoller: “First they came for…”.

But in this case you could substitute migrant farm workers for the first one attacked by Mr. Jacobs and now Asian-Americans. Chris Jacobs’ blatant racism needs to be called out and he needs to be voted out of the House of Representatives. I strongly urge voting for Nate McMurray this November. Thank you.

William Fine