Congressman skips many details in House speech about energy

Posted 12 March 2022 at 7:52 am


Congressman Jacobs is to rich and to doctrinaire. I have watched and it’s time to speak out. Every President since Nixon (Trump excepted) has said we have to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

In Jacobs recent congressional speech quoted by the Orleans Hub, Jacob criticized Biden trying to stop the Keystone Pipeline but he left out that tar sands sludge cost per barrel is very high and it is as dirty and expensive to produce as it gets. Canada does not know what to do with it and still meet its emissions targets except to ship some here for us refine and dirty our air.

In the interim our fracking production is cheaper. Even pumping the tax sands pitch like substance in a pipeline long distances has never been tried. It would be a mess to clean up.

Jacobs forgets the Suez was blocked last year. He forgets that transportation (supply lines) has been a worldwide problem prior to Covid-19. He forgets our growth and job expansion in the US is outstripping any increase in production.

He forgets that alternative production here is cheaper and that Biden has given out more public land drilling licenses than Trump – to environmentalists’ dismay. He forgets that alternate energy production cuts out the single biggest cost – crude.

Jacobs plays politics as he voted against Biden’s BBB which would have created jobs (particularly in areas that would have lost few jobs left like West Virginia), and cut the cost of energy – the very thing he complains about.

Jacobs is pretty early in his career to buy into political showmanship rather than governing if he excepts to tear in and out earn our trust to get reelected. Negotiating with other governments with whom we have less immediate problems with during this transition period while Russia must be cut off and alternate streams developed is called “Realpolitik.”

That is what Jacobs was elected to figure out and implement when needed. Unfortunately it seems increasingly like facts in, garbage out.

Stop playing games sir.

Conrad F. Cropsey