Congressman has been unresponsive to constituent’s many letters

Posted 24 October 2016 at 1:40 pm


I have a problem. My Congressman is unresponsive. He appears to eagerly solicit my views on his web page. He even offers on his website a box for me to check if I would like a response from him. He has an elaborate log-in on his website to filter out non-constituents, so I provide my zip code to prove that I live in his district. But my Congressman is unresponsive. Month, after month, after month … nothing.

When I write to my Congressman I express my opinions, but I always conclude with a question for which I would like an answer. I can only conclude that my questions are not important in the lofty halls of the US Congress.

Two years ago I wrote my Congressman a letter and many months later he answered with a form letter that did not address the question I asked. The last time I received a response from him, a year ago it was the exact same form letter that I had received the previous year. Again, he did not answer my question.

The world constantly changes; war, injustice, climate change, politics, and the economy, but my Congressman’s form letter remains the same. My Congressman is unresponsive even on those rare occasions when he responds!

To be sure, I have written my Congressman many times, so it’s possible that he won’t get to every question I have asked. But the truth is that when I receive no response I feel an urgency to write even more messages to him, hoping that one of them will finally get his attention. But not one, not once in the last six months. My Congressman is unresponsive.

I have watched in vain for announcements about meetings with constituents in my town. Nothing. There was a candidates’ forum in Geneseo last month. He was a no-show.

I have many opinions that the Congressman probably disagrees with. I can deal with that. It would be a rare day that my elected representatives (of any party!) agree with all of my opinions, but most of them have had the decency to respond when I ask a question. My Congressman is unresponsive.

Accountability to constituents is cornerstone of our democracy. Our unresponsive Congressman has demonstrated that he needs to be replaced. At this point I have no use for him at all, so I am happy to reveal what I will do in the voting booth on Nov. 8.  I will be voting for Diana Kastenbaum of Batavia to be our representative in the US Congress for the 27th Congressional District of New York.

And, Ms. Kastenbaum, just to warn you, I am planning to write you a few letters after your election, and I am counting on you to be responsive!

Rev. James Renfrew