Congressman feigns concern while citizens in NY-27 suffer

Posted 10 December 2020 at 8:15 pm


Livingston County News reported that Congressman Chris Jacobs hasn’t acknowledged Joe Biden’s victory (LCN 12/3/20). If Mr. Jacobs is concerned about security of our elections he should work with Democrats to strengthen our voting security.

Democrats have passed three bills, with bipartisan support, that improve voting security but have not been given a hearing in Senate. Mr. Jacobs, as a representative, needs to impress upon Senators within his own party how important it is to secure our national elections.

Instead of solving a problem, Mr. Jacobs casts aspersions and blame. The same is true of Covid-19 relief. Small businesses are closed to prevent the spread of the virus and need federal money during this difficult time.

While Democrats in the House have passed legislation to address the issues, Republicans have only begrudgingly begun to talk about the issue. Press releases that Mr. Jacobs has issued feign concern while citizens of the district suffer. Many people in the district could go hungry, become homeless or face other hardships.

Mr. Jacobs wasn’t worried about adding billions to the national debt in 2017 when he and his family businesses took a large tax break without adding to the economy (NPR 12/20/19, and Business Insider 12/22/19). Supporting Main Street businesses will boost our economy.

Mr. Jacobs, be a leader, call on your party’s Senators to push for voting security and monies for small businesses and stop feigning concerns for issues if you are not going to do something about them other than blame someone else.

William Fine