Congressman Collins doesn’t deserve re-election

Posted 14 October 2016 at 8:59 am


Many of us complain about “the do nothing politicians” and “the over-paid Congressmen.”

Well, we have right here in the 27th Congressional District such a politician. Chris Collins was the first to endorse that embarrassment Donald Trump. Over the past several years I have personally written to Mr. Collins on a range of issues such as Social Security, habitat protection, prescription costs, minimum wage, closing tax loopholes for millionaires, gun safety, and clean energy.

Each and every time Mr. Collins came out in favor of privatizing Social Security, allowing big oil to drill in sensitive wildlife habitat, placing faith in big drug companies to keep costs down through competition (how is that working for you?), and against a fair living wage for full time workers.

He favors tax breaks for the rich, no incentives for clean energy and supports unlimited access to any type of gun by anyone at any time. Chris Collins is a man who wants us to vote against our self interests.

No thank you, Mr. Collins. We are not buying your rhetoric any longer. Your voting record and conduct show you could care less about the workers and taxpayers of this country.

Chris Collins favors the closing of clinics that benefit low-income women. These clinics provide mammograms, pregnancy and HIV testing as well as birth control. And make no mistake; being Pro-Choice does not mean Pro-Abortion. It means such decisions should be left between a woman and her doctor. Thanks to our Constitution, no one has the right to push their religious beliefs on to others. Let me restate it: A woman’s right to choose is a protected Constitutional Freedom.

Diana Kastenbaum, business owner from Batavia, is mounting an effective campaign against Chris Collins and his conservative cronies in Washington. She understands the struggles of senior citizens, working families, small businesses, single parents and the middle class.

Diana knows that clean, renewable energy creates jobs, lessens our dependence on dirty fuel, addresses climate change and protects our planet. Diana knows closing tax loopholes like the ones that enabled the likes of Donald Trump to pay no taxes for decades will help our disabled veterans, low income working families, family farmers, keep our military strong, promote good roads, safe food, safe travel and health care.

Diana is Pro-Choice. Do your homework, compare these candidates. Remember, not all Republican or conservative candidates deserve election. Some are actually down-right deplorable.

On Nov. 8, we have an opportunity to kick Chris Collins to the curb. Join me in doing precisely that.

Al Capurso