Conflicted Barre officials didn’t follow proper procedures with turbine project

Posted 28 October 2021 at 7:19 am


It was stated in an earlier letter for the residents of Barre not to support one-issue candidates that oppose turbines. I guess voting for one-issue candidates that are family members to leaseholders is OK.

The town board, planning board, and zoning board are currently stacked with conflicted members that have pushed through the wind project with disregard to proper procedure and ethics.

Town law was crafted to benefit the wind company and still when the application was filed there was nine issues that conflicted with town law and the board decided not to challenge. The PILOT agreement failed to include the Barre fire district which is a taxing entity within the town.

It was mentioned that the project would enhance Barre. How exactly does 700-foot industrial turbines with bases over 60 feet in diameter do that? As for lower taxes, the board has been very vague on the issue.

Please remember your vote is secret. If you have been misled into signing “good neighbor agreements” this does not “buy” your vote, which is illegal.

Tom Chandler