Confederate flag is divisive symbol opposing equality and unity

Posted 22 May 2017 at 1:26 pm


Every now and then, the Confederate flag makes an appearance on the back of someone’s truck, or the front of someone’s house. We see it at KKK rallies. Lately it is being waved next to Nazi swastika flags.

As all flags are, this one is a symbol of something. Its history is in the south during the Civil War and had gone through many different configurations. It was the battle flag of the army of the Confederacy. Those states who chose to break away from the Union rather than comply with the law to eliminate enslaving human beings.

Certainly, the Confederate flag is a part of history, but it is on the wrong side of history. It stands for white supremacy. It is a divisive statement made in a country where most of us value equality and unity, diversity and tolerance.

This flag stands for none of those values. I often wonder what kind of person would display such a symbol? I am sure they think of themselves as “patriots”. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Al Capurso