Concerns about turbines from parents of children with special needs shouldn’t be discounted

Posted 13 June 2021 at 9:18 am


This is in response to the letter from Chris Loss. There is a fine line between those who will be gravely impacted by commercial turbines planted close to their home and someone whose family will be profiting by it.

You can take all the bus turbine tours you want, but until you are a parent of a child who has special needs, it would be best to take a back seat and do some real research.

I can assure you that a child who has autism will indeed be negatively impacted by not only 1 but 6 turbines close to their home. This includes the risk of seizures.

I too am a parent of a child who has special needs and also certified in the field of Special Education. If children with autism did not have difficulty processing movement, light or sound, it would make our lives as parents and educators a whole lot easier.

If there were not medical or scientific evidence of the negative side effects of turbines (including risk of seizures), a doctor would never have written a letter expressing their concern over them so close to their patient’s home. There also would not be a need for that population to wear headphones, sunglasses, to block out excessive light and noises that are amplified causing pain and over stimulation; nor reason to avoid or remove our children from places or activities that cause them so much distress and pain.

Have some compassion and concern for others Town of Barre! Support Dr. George McKenna and Dave Waters for councilmen on the Town Board.

Sue Smith