Concern about border crisis, opposition to aid for undocumented immigrants shouldn’t be considered racism

Posted 5 April 2021 at 12:10 pm


Recently, Assemblyman Steve Hawley voiced his opposition to a 2-plus billion dollar aid package. I posted this on Facebook and immediately an onslaught of replies came forward, claiming racism was at work.

For the sake of clarity, can we keep the word racism out of this narrative. This has become one of the most overused and abused words – becoming the catchall for any opinion that strays from the liberal agenda.

The safety of our citizens and country should be our number one concern as the border crisis continues to pose atrocities for the immigrants coming over. Let’s begin by looking at the many unaccompanied minors being dumped off.

This week I happened to witness a horrifying image of two small children being dropped off over the wall. Many people do not realize that two-thirds of the migrants are being abducted, robbed, extorted and tortured.

The Administration doesn’t want that to be in the limelight, but that’s what’s happening. The southern border is now permeable, which means an open invitation to the cartels with drugs, gun smuggling and human trafficking. There is no compassion here to anyone when these catastrophes prevail.

It is insane to bombard our country with surges such as this, when we are facing calamities of our own. High unemployment, the opioid crisis, and crime are at all-time highs. Did anyone in the powers to be think there may be a better way to bring migrants in; so their influx would run parallel to when a better fiscal outlook in America took place? I don’t think so.

It appears to me, the surge is the fault of poor planning.  Who is suffering? Everyone. There is no singling out here of various racial groups who are culturally different or their achievement level. No one is looking down on these people who hope for a better tomorrow. But when one group is prioritized over another, then racism is in its glory.

Our present fiscal scene is problematic and until that clears up, someone with an ounce of sanity needs to take a long hard look at the truth.

Mary Mager

Fairport, a former Albion resident