Computer technology students at BOCES tour Yahoo! in Lockport

Posted 12 November 2019 at 11:05 am

Provided photo: These students at the Orleans/Niagara BOCES in Medina tour the Yahoo! Lockport site. The students include, from left: John Thomas (Medina), Max Rambach (Medina), Seth Fiegel (Medina), Tyler Kam (Lockport), Harrison Seifert (Lockport), Dustin Gillis (Lockport), Paul Herrmann (teacher), Joe Spellan (Barker) and Colin Heim (Lockport).

Press Release, Orleans/Niagara BOCES

LOCKPORT – Students in the Orleans Career and Technical Education Center’s Computer Technology class recently spent a day at Yahoo! in Lockport.

Teacher Paul Herrmann and his class were able to tour the data centers and customer care centers.

“The students got to explore the server rooms, switch rooms, shipping and receiving and of course how they heat and cool the building,” said Mr. Herrmann. “Just a great experience for the computer technology students. They get a taste of information systems at its grandest scale.”

Yahoo! has over a billion consumers and employs over 10,000 around the world.

“It was interesting to walk around the building and see how they operate everything,” said student Seth Fiegel of Medina. “They have server rooms filled with racks. A really big shipping and receiving department with things coming in constantly. There were tons of parts.”

Asked what he wants to do when he graduates, he said, “I want to work there!”

Classmate John Thomas of Medina also had high praise for the visit.

“It was amazing!” Thomas said.  “We learned a lot about the server rooms. We also learned a little bit of science, too. How the heat from the servers go in and up and then they have the cold air come through to make sure that everything is not overheating and such. We saw where all the hardware is stored in the warehouse. They have trucks coming in every single day. There are a lot of boxes. The experience was awesome!”

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