Comprehensive plan looks like a big power grab in western Orleans

Posted 30 July 2018 at 6:55 pm


I have been reading the Western Orleans County Comprehensive Plan for a while now and here is what I get out of it. There were 5,553 surveys sent out and 740 were returned – 13.4%.

There were 167 pages of comments and most of them probably were negative, my opinion. That tells me nobody is really interested in this update except government officials, the people that were picked to go over it and those interested in getting their hands on the taxpayers’ money. So why even go ahead with this at all? Because what you want doesn’t matter. What you say at the hearings won’t matter. This is going to go through unless you pack those rooms and in all probability will still be passed.

There were pie-in-the-sky fantasies from 2002 that were removed but there was a bit different thinking back then. What’s new is the aggressive seeking of grant money, more control through zoning and sustainability. You hear that word a lot now days. Sustainability is basically what are the causes of the hoax – man-made global warming (the science is far from settled) or pollution.

So what is or isn’t sustainable will be what determines what you can do on your property, types of businesses, how your home can be upgraded or built from new. It will also be determined by who runs your County, Town or Village board.

This is straight out of United Nations Agenda 21 or what is now Agenda 2030. If you have people with a globalism leftist ideology educated in the progressive higher learning institutions, you’re in for a rough ride with your freedoms. I’m not saying this lightly or to be mean. I am just telling you the truth.

Our colleges are brain-washing institutions with all this garbage. This is happening world-wide. Global. Facts and truth be damned.

From the CP Executive Summary: CP plan is the foundation for all subsequence and zoning action, which must be in accordance with the document.

The CP update incorporates planning ideologies where applicable, such as sustainability and efficiencies in our communities. What does that mean? Just what is or isn’t sustainable? The purpose of the CP planning is to view and examine a community from a “global prospective.” To develop a strategy and course of action to achieve those goals. Strategies consist of land use policies including but “not limited” to zoning which must be in accordance to the CP plan.

I live in the USA. I am American, not a global citizen. Minions were sent out to inspect your property. There were 4 categories. The perfects, the nice, the needing work, and the dilapidated. Where do you fit in and who’s business is it? The answer to bringing up your shabbiness was to get grant money and nudge you into a loan to fix up your house. So they can raise your taxes, my opinion but that’s what will happen.

They know the population is declining and the young are fleeing for lack of opportunity. The school enrollment is declining and the population isn’t going to pick up in the next 20 years. So why not concentrate on making this a more free, low-tax place to settle?

The CP plan is the DNA of our western end. Everything is mapped out to the square inch. You name it they have it down in this document. It recommends to make the downtowns historic and protected. That means lots of restrictions and control. Even that group of “smart people” that goes around planting trees right under the power lines in Medina is listed. I could go on and on. They recommend a “Central Grant Writer” for all the towns and villages. Grants, Grants, Grants, Control, Control, Control over every aspect of your property and your natural rights.

The IDA will continue to bribe businesses to come in with taxpayer money. Jobs with low and medium pay so far. Continue to keep the storefronts full with hobby businesses that when the grant money runs out and the owners can no longer keep them open with money from their main job, fail and close and we fund the next group with unachievable fantasies for this area to do the same thing. All the while patting the program heads on the back and lining their pockets with taxpayer money. They tout over 400 businesses to date. How many are still around? Probably the same percentage as the people who did the survey and I bet it’s less.

Don’t take my word for it read the CP plan. Do research on sustainability. You will be surprised just what is not sustainable. More than likely what you are doing for a living falls into the unsustainable category. Be very, very careful of who you elect to public office. There are a lot of poisoned minds. People you may believe to be highly educated and reasonable until they have power.

The comprehensive plan is a living document and rife with the ability to abuse power. Educate yourself and get involved in what your government is doing while your back is turned. Attend meetings and workshops.

Paul Lauricella