Community is at crossroads with wind turbines, which represent hope against changing climate

Posted 12 February 2018 at 11:55 am


These are difficult times that we live in and we all search for a sense of security. That is a natural response to feeling threatened. The idea of wind turbines looming over us can easily become a daunting image. Now, we are years into the debate over the wisdom of wind turbines in the area that many of us call home.

One hundred fifty years ago, the countryside was being striped by railroad tracks. Those tracks divided many farms and villages. One hundred years ago, our landscape was transformed by telephone poles that carried voice messages and electricity that was transforming life as it was known. Sixty years ago, interstates cut through our lands forcing many to leave their homesteads and others to have their farms cut in half. Each of these changes was met with resistance. Each of these changes changed the fabric of our lives.

Now, we are faced with climate change. Our weather systems are more volatile and extreme. Locally, we saw drought two years ago like I’ve never seen in my 65 years. Last year we saw floods that were worse than I’ve ever seen. The winds in March tore off part of the Lyndonville school roof. This is climate change and as long as we don’t severely reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, climate change will worsen.

Climate change brings with it, economic stress. Droughts, floods and high winds cause destruction that cost a lot of money to repair.

I’ve lived in areas that have built wind farms. Some people thought that the turbines were horrible. I would look at the wind turbines and see something graceful. More importantly, they also represent hope, hope that we, as tenants of this planet might succeed in leaving this world a better place for the next generations.

Yes, we are at a crossroad. Are we willing to make the sacrifice of embracing a somewhat uncomfortable change in our reality that will make a contribution toward a much better and safer tomorrow? I would hope so.

Thank you for reading.

Mark Crosby