Commission needed to investigate Jan. 6 insurrection that put U.S. democracy in peril

Posted 26 May 2021 at 8:28 am


Republicans oppose a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection and attempted overthrow of our government. Even after granting everything Republicans asked for in the negotiations for the committee, they voted against it. (This is the same tactic used during the Obama era; negotiate over long time and when they get their demands met, they still oppose it.)

Republicans are again demonstrating their unwillingness learn facts to legislate and govern effectively. Instead of finding facts Republicans want to cling to myths and scapegoating, blaming others for problems.

Obviously this now includes national security matters. This is not the first time Republicans have rejected national security concerns for perceived political gains. When Senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley were informed that their committees were spreading Russian propaganda that Hunter Biden was involved in some kind of shady Ukraine deal, they did not care.

Even after investigating with full subpoena power for seven months, there was no subpoena looking into underlying financial records or to substantiate their allegations. Instead of finding facts, all they wanted to do was spread aspersions of their political opponents, even if those aspersions are Russian propaganda, which they were.

Despite the threats against legislators, including Republicans on Jan. 6th, finding facts about the insurrection is too much for Republicans. However, for our government to work we need to have facts and accountability of those responsible for misdeeds.

We need a commission to study the causes and find solutions for the problems that put our democracy in peril. Thank you.

William Fine