Commenters on DPS site continue to be heavily opposed to Lighthouse Wind

Posted 5 January 2017 at 6:42 pm


The table below shows the results of an analysis of public comments made to the DPS website in relation to the Lighthouse Wind Project as proposed for the Towns of Yates and Somerset by APEX Energy.  A total of 768 comments submitted were assessed by quarter with comments tabulated and organized by support (in-favor) and opposition (opposed) to the project. (Click here to see DPS site on Lighthouse Wind.)

All comments made to the DPS site regarding the Lighthouse Wind Project were included in the assessment and as stated, cover the time period from Q1-2015 through Q4-2016.  All comments were read fully in order to ascertain position regarding the wind project.  The positions were tabulated as in-favor or opposed to the project.

The results are as follows:

DPS Comments
Date For Against % For % Against
Q1-2015 0 43 0% 100%
Q2-2015 0 76 0% 100%
Q3-2015 35 157 18% 82%
Q4-2015 56 137 29% 71%
Q1-2016 31 162 16% 84%
Q2-2016 3 29 9% 91%
Q3-2016 21 67 24% 76%
Q4-2016 5 59 8% 92%
Total 152 731 17% 83%

The overall results for the time period January 2015 to December 2015 are as follows:

Comments In-Favor of Lighthouse Wind Project = 151

Comments Opposed to Lighthouse Wind Project = 732

% of Comments In-Favor of Lighthouse Wind Project = 17%

% of Comments Opposed to Lighthouse Wind Project = 83%

The results of DPS comment analysis show a clear, ongoing and massive opposition to this project.  Interestingly, these results show a greater level of opposition than have all previous surveys performed by:

The Town of Somerset

Save Ontario Shores (SOS)

The Town of Yates

The Buffalo News

The Batavia Daily News

Buffalo Business First Magazine

These surveys only averaged a 70% Opposed/30% In Favor breakdown of survey results.

In an effort to assist all in monitoring and trending these results, an analysis will be performed at the end of each quarter to show these same statistics.  The quarterly analysis will continue until this issue is resolved.

To close, DPS comments and multiple surveys show the truth.  The will of the people is clear.  This project must not move forward.  Article 10 must not be allowed to suppress the Home Rule will of the people.

Thank You.

John B. Riggi

Councilman, Town of Yates

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