Collins would be a lame-duck congressman if re-elected

Posted 14 October 2018 at 1:09 pm


Republicans, wake up!  Congressman Collins’ “Best-money-can-buy” lawyers have stalled his trial to at least 2020.  (Advice to “Lyin’ Chris”: Just tell the truth.)

If elected, Collins would serve a lame-duck term. If he did finally resign, the party bosses would control the nomination at a special election. (Recall how the now indicted Assemblyman Errigo substituted for the shamed Bill Nojay.)

Republicans: make a moral stand and skip Collins’ name on the ballot; maybe you could show real courage and vote for McMurray. The 2020 election would then be about real options: candidates chosen in open and free primaries and slightly more truthful and non-indicted choices.

Think about it; make a stand.

Gerard M. Morrisey