Collins vows an active campaign to keep Democrat from winning 27th District

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 19 September 2018 at 8:11 pm

Congressman Chris Collins, who last month suspended his re-election campaign for Congress following insider trading charges, today sent a message to his supporters that he will be actively campaigning to win the seat.

Chris Collins

And, if he’s re-elected, Collins said he would serve the two-year term in Congress.

“The stakes are too high to allow the radical left to take control of this seat in Congress,” Collins said in an email message to supporters. “Their agenda is clear. They want to reverse the recently enacted tax cuts, impose Canadian style healthcare, inflict new job-killing regulations and impeach President Trump. We cannot stand by and let that happen.”

Collins, a Clarence Republican, has been in Congress for nearly six years.

“I will fight on two fronts,” Collins said. “I will work to ensure the 27th Congressional District remains in Republican hands, while I fight to clear my good name in the courts.”

Nate McMurray, the Democratic and Working Families Party Candidate for the 27th District, issued a statement about Collins:

“I’m curious to know what Mr. Collins means by ‘actively campaign’ because he hasn’t talked to his constituents, hasn’t held town halls, and has been hiding in his penthouse since the FBI arrested him. Now he thinks that the voters of this district who are getting hurt by a trade war, are struggling to make ends meet, and know that Washington is more corrupt than ever, he thinks they’re going to trust him? Give me a break. He looks out for himself. And maybe his donors.”

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