Collins votes for budget bill, which shows he isn’t a conservative

Posted 26 March 2018 at 7:57 am


RINO Republican Chris Collins once again goes against what the voters in his district sent him to office for and gleefully votes for 1.3 trillion dollar massive Omnibus budget bill – the largest spending bill in US history. Bigger than anything Obama ever proposed.

The bill is 2,232 pages that I doubt anyone even read. The bill continues to fund Planned Parenthood, fund sanctuary cities, weakens the Second Amendment and gives little if no funding for the wall. A budget that gives the Democrats 80% of what they wanted putting a huge smile on Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s face. Establishment Ryan and McConnell have again betrayed the base.

Mr. Collins has distanced himself from the conservative Freedom Caucus since his early days in office all the while claiming to be a conservative. He hides from his constituents. No wonder why some conservative committees in his district are refusing to endorse him or carry his petitions.

Conservative review has consistently given him an F for his liberal voting record on spending and big government programs, comparing his record to not much better than Maxine Waters. While Mr. Collins fooled some of his constituents and political committees, he funded all of Obama’s schemes including Obamacare with his cowardly votes to raise the debt ceiling.

Democrats in Washington are dancing in the streets as the GOP has surrendered their majority to them once again. Mr. Collins is a big part of the Swamp.

What’s sad is voters will once again have to choose the lesser of two evils in 2018, hold their nose, keep the vomit bag close and pull the lever for this guy because a Democrat in that seat would be very dangerous and more detrimental to the entire country than this swamp monster RINO.

Paul Lauricella