Collins, Schumer both vote to end government shutdown

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 22 January 2018 at 9:06 pm

Congressman Chris Collins, R-Clarence, and U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY, both voted for a short-term spending bill that will fund the government for three weeks.

The measure passed the House and Senate, and President Donald Trump has signed the bill.

Collins released the following statement after voting in support of the short-term and to extend the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for six years.

“I am disappointed by the political tactics that Senator Schumer pulled this weekend, not only closing the government but putting the millions of children that rely on CHIP in jeopardy,” Collins said. “While short-term spending agreements are never ideal, I am pleased that we have reopened the government and extended CHIP for six years. As we continue to negotiate a solution to the DACA situation and work toward a long-term funding agreement, I hope Senate Democrats have learned their lesson that these types of political games do not work.”

Schumer, leader of the Democrats in the Senate, commented on Twitter that Congress has much more to do including protecting “Dreamers,” crafting a budget and addressing health care, veterans, disaster relief, pensions and the opioid epidemic.

“The #TrumpShutdown will soon end, but the work goes on,” Schumer said on Twitter.

New York’s other senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, voted against the short-term funding.

“I am deeply disappointed that today’s outcome fails to protect Dreamers,” she said on Twitter. “They deserve better from the elected leaders of the only country many of them have ever called home.”

Louise Slaughter, D-Fairport, joined the House in approving the funding.

“No one wanted to see the great government of the United States closed for business,” she said on Twitter. “The last #GOPshutdown in 2013 cost our economy an estimated $24 billion and brought everything from federal research to reducing the backlog of veterans’ disability claims to a standstill.”

She said the bill passed today because Democrats “were finally off a seat at the table.”

“There were no winners here,” she said. “But I’m proud to cast this vote to end the #GOPshutdown so the country can get back to work.”

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