Collins returns to campaign trail to benefit himself

Posted 16 October 2018 at 10:37 am


Let’s not be fooled – Chris Collins is selectively back on the campaign trail for one reason and one reason only – Chris Collins!

Collins isn’t campaigning to represent the people of NY-27. He has never concerned himself with anyone other than himself, his family, his investors and his donors. Any thought that Collins’ campaign to return to Congress to do the work of the people is foolish.

That Collins, on the advice of his criminal attorneys, has decided to hit the campaign trail is disingenuous. The reality is that Collins will stroll into various select safe havens, Republican booster clubs and candidate affairs, VFWs and of course, gun clubs. You won’t find him where the average working men and women, single moms, seniors or students are to be found.

Collins will make his grand appearance, genuflect to the altar of the most corrupt administration in American history, attack his opponent and leave.

In contrast, Nate McMurray has been all over the district meeting voters of all stripes. By all accounts Nate is a decent, well-educated, family man; a credible Congressional candidate who has been out among the voters all across the 27th district for months, not accepting the kind of corporate money that Collins shills for. And Collins refuses to debate – no surprise. You will remember that Collins would not attend a student-led forum after the Parkland shootings.

The reality is that Collins needs something to offer prosecutors in return for his guilty plea in an effort to stay out of prison. His seat in Congress, our seat in Congress, is his bargaining chip.

Should Collins be elected he will trade his seat, and our representation, for a plea deal, leaving our district without representation in the House during a very turbulent time in our history. But we are used to being unrepresented in this district.

Paul McQuillen