Collins, Ortt pander to voters by opposing turbines in Yates, Somerset

Posted 3 November 2016 at 8:19 am


SOS, Congressman Collins, and State Senator Ortt have announced their “doubt” regarding the statement from the US Department of Defense regarding the fact that the Apex project will not impact the operations of the base.

I don’t fault SOS as much as I do these two elected representatives. Members of SOS believe in their cause, are misinformed and as selfish as it may be.

Collins and Ortt are pandering – plain and simple. Everybody claims to be in favor of renewable and sustainable energy.

Both of them have said as much.  Collins: “It is essential that going forward we pursue the many energy opportunities available. These include exploring hydraulic fracking, protecting of our state’s coal industry, and utilizing a variety of other energy production methods. I will continue to ensure that when it comes to energy, Western New Yorkers will have every opportunity available to benefit from our state’s resources.”

Ortt: “This incentive will encourage people to implement clean energy initiatives, helping to reduce their energy consumption and lower energy costs for consumers. It aims to reduce our carbon footprint and pushes our region toward energy-efficiency, environmental responsibility, and local job creation in this growing industry. Western New York is on the upswing, and this bill will aid in keeping it there as more and more people gravitate toward less-costly, greener, cleaner options.”

As long as it’s not in their voters’ back yard, simply because of pandering.

Bob Harker