Collins has shown he is dismissive of constituents

Posted 23 October 2018 at 11:30 am


Since January 2017 I have attended multiple events protesting Chris Collins. I have visited his Geneseo office, where he was, of course, absent.

I have participated in a district-wide organized town meeting where he refused to show. He is arrogant, dismissive of any constituents other than his wealthy donors. His actions in Congress have hurt the people of our district; he voted in favor of repealing Obamacare, and his support of SALT injured many New Yorkers. He is crooked and self-serving. In short, he’s an embarrassment to the 27th.

I have also attended multiple meetings where Nate McMurray was present, starting in early 2018. He has made himself available to any who sought him out, including making a recent visit to the Retsof salt miners.

When my husband and I met him at a house party in our remote corner of Orleans County, he spent at least 20 minutes sharing with us his love for WNY, his hope to make it a place our children will want to stay and prosper, and his wish to level the playing field for people of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities.

He’s real and he’s one of us. We need him to represent the 27th honorably and intelligently.

Thank you.

Sandy Chenelly