Code officer responds to claim of being ‘overzealous,’ criticism of Murray officials

Posted 7 September 2016 at 5:48 pm

Posted 7 September 2016


While my job exposes me to a lot of criticism, I generally do not respond. In this case I am responding to Mr. Lofthouse.

To clear the record, I am a civil service employee, not appointed or elected. I have worked for municipalities for over 20 years. I am very proud that I have been able to improve the quality of the housing, the quality of life and have assisted with the economic development in the communities I’ve worked in.

While I’m not universally liked, I have the respect of the professionals I work with. I do my job. I am NOT judge, jury and executioner. I am a Code Enforcement Officer.

Mr. Lofthouse seems to believe that some laws should be followed and others ignored. I enforce codes, laws written by local, state, and federal legislators. If there is a violation I let the person know and if they don’t correct it they get a ticket and go to see the JUDGE, as far as I know nobody has ever been executed.

I’ve seen Mr. Lofthouse pontificate on the Town of Murray before. John Morris (Murray town supervisor) never said the taxpayers were being overtaxed. I would venture that every Comptroller’s report cites issues or concerns. That doesn’t mean anyone has done anything wrong. Sometimes it’s just a different approach.

For a guy I’ve only seen at a Town of Murray once, Mr. Lofthouse speaks with great authority about what goes on there. One can only wonder where he gets his information.

Perhaps his issue is with the Highway Superintendent, because he is the Republican Committee Chairman. Mr. Lofthouse has never held office where he has had to make a decision and live with the consequences. As chairman of the Conservative Party he’s elected exactly no candidates. Not the first person I’d look to for advice.

He uses “scuttlebutt” as information. Whose minds have to be eased? Where in the NYS Health Code does it say where the backflow preventer has to be placed or what type has to be there? Apparently you rely on one source for your information. Thanks for your concern, but as a Town of Murray resident please take care of your own issues and let us take care of ours.

As for the “overzealous” comment, I have pictures of every violation I cite. It is my job to enforce the code, thank you for noting that I do it well. Off-street parking is required for businesses in every zoning ordinance. This is also involves the health, safety and welfare of the community.

Mr. Sidonio is running a primary to get on the Town of Murray Republican Committee. The “say no to Joe” signs are disappearing. I wonder who’s responsible for that?

That election will cost the Town of Murray +/- $1,000. Maybe you could get him on the Conservative Committee for free.

I don’t need any of your advice or comments with or without salt.

Ron Vendetti


(Mr. Vendetti is code enforcement officer in the villages of Albion and Holley, and the Town of Murray.)