Coby Albone of Medina builds gaga pit for community center in Brockport

Staff Reports Posted 10 September 2019 at 11:59 am

Provided photo: Coby Albone built a gaga pit for the Sweden/Clarkson Community Center.

BROCKPORT – Coby Albone of Medina has built a gaga pit for the Sweden/Clarkson Community Center in Brockport.

Coby is a College at Brockport student majoring in physical and health education with a concentration in adapted physical education. In lieu of a thesis paper, Coby chose to construction a gaga pit for the community center.

The gaga pit consists of flat walls about hip high. A ball, similar to a foam dodgeball or rubber kickball, is batted between players with their hands. The goal is to avoid being hit by the ball and be the last person standing.

Coby chose the project because it is a creative and unique game that incorporates many different skills.

“We’re very grateful to be the recipient of Coby’s hard work,” said Sweden/Clarkson Community Center Director Jill Wisnowski. “Our summer camp kids love it and we’ll be incorporating the gaga pit into our fall programming.”

Albone has done other community projects before. He is an Eagle Scout. As part of the requirements for the rank, he wanted to help the environment in and around the lakes of Orleans County.

He engineered and installed Recycling Tubes for unwanted and cut off fishing line at 15 different fishing spots in and around the lakes of the area. His goal with that project was to prevent the tangled fishing line from being discarded along the shores and in the lakes of the popular fishing areas to prevent harm to fish and wildlife.

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