Clover Hill site not a good fit for drug rehab facility

Posted 23 February 2023 at 2:22 pm


Who in their right mind wants drug addicts in their neighborhood? I sure don’t. Watch the crime rate soar and property values plummet if a drug rehab facility goes in at Clover Hill in Albion.

And why is this drug addict company get to be tax exempt? Aren’t the taxpayers already being overtaxed for everything?

I live within site of this property on Allen Road. My wife and I, along with several other people living in this area of Albion, walk along the local roads and streets. Just what this good residential area needs is a drug habitat.

Why doesn’t this drug addict company take over one of the many prisons that have closed? I’m sure our wonderful, worthless governor could help them buy one.

Can’t wait to hear the liberals’ comments on this one.

Paul Roberts