Closing of hardware store is big loss for Albion community

Posted 25 September 2019 at 8:07 am


It was with sadness in my heart that I walked into The Family Hardware early Monday morning. A gaggle of long-time customers was seated in the back area for what will be one of the last get-togethers there.

Yes, this is so very sad for this community to lose yet another convenient and frequently entered store in the heart of our village. Thanks to Fred Miller and all that he maintained in the village of Albion following the loss of Fischer’s Newsstand and the loss of many county employees as they moved to the hill well beyond walking distance of any village retail stores.

Even with formidable health conditions last year and this, Fred kept his business open and the village and customers benefited from his dedication. And so Fred, enjoy the abundance of time before you now in good health!

Karen Watt