Parkway section reopens Wednesday

Posted 30 April 2013 at 12:00 am

Press release from NYS Department of Transportation

CARLTON A 2-mile section of the Lake Ontario State Parkway closed since the winter will reopen Wednesday at about noon, the state Department of Transportation advised.

The western end of the Parkway has been shut down since Nov. 28. That portion runs between Lakeside Beach State Park and Route 98 in the town of Carlton.

Closing the 2-mile stretch saved an estimated $70,000 worth of maintenance and operating expenses including materials, equipment, and labor, the DOT said. The closure also helped preserve the pavement and the bridges over Oak Orchard Creek.

Some bridge maintenance repairs were made on the bridge over Oak Orchard Creek. The eastbound, right lane over the bridge, will remain closed until further repairs can be made.

During the summer, about 800 cars travel this section of the Parkway every day. The western end of the Parkway is less travelled during the winter months.During the closure, motorists were directed to use Route 18 as a parallel detour route.