Close race in Murray shows change is in the air

Posted 22 September 2017 at 10:15 am


I’d like to personally thank all those who voted in the Murray GOP Primary. Turnout was huge and the margin razor thin. My opponent hand-picked by the entrenched GOP establishment squeaked by with a 7- vote margin out of 541 cast. Such a tight race in the County GOP Chairman’s back yard is a strong signal that voters want change. I am prepared to deliver it.

I carried the Independence Party line decisively and maintain the Conservative Party Endorsement. I am energized and look forward to November. Those who seek change will have the opportunity to cast their ballots for me on those lines.

As your Supervisor, I will represent all people. Every voter has a voice that deserves to be heard with the same level of mutual respect.

I’m proud to be the candidate advocating for better town governance. I’m proud to be the candidate who’s asking the tough questions. I’m proud to be the candidate who is standing up against the dirty political machine bent on destroying those who threaten their power. I work for you.

Change is in the air. Our future is promising and bright. Join with me to embrace and maximize our full potential.

Joseph Sidonio