Clear Skies says it’s committed sharing information about proposed wind project in Barre

Posted 3 November 2019 at 8:26 am


Clear Skies Above Barre, in response to a postcard recently sent out to the residents of Barre which contained inaccurate information in direct regard to our organization, makes the following statements:

Firstly, we must express that Clear Skies Above Barre is not running for a position in the Town of Barre. The members of our organization have come from all party affiliations and beliefs; we will continue to respect members’ discretion.

Clear Skies Above Barre is and has been devoted and zealous in sharing the truth and spreading knowledge about the industrial wind turbine project, Heritage Wind LLC, proposed in the Town of Barre. Current proposal: 33 turbines in the Town of Barre at 680’. We reject claims that we have misinformed or mislead the public in anyway.

There is no “scheme.” Clear Skies Above Barre is out front in declaring the make-up of our Town Board needs to change to represent and express the concerns and values of all of the residents in Barre. This is evident in Town Board members being listed on Heritage Wind LLC’s list of conflicted individuals.

We support our community voice in Barre and the essential need for transparency specifically concerning industrial wind turbines. We cannot uphold CSAB’s mission “to protect the community of Barre, NY from Industrial Wind in a productive manner that values a sense of community and neighborhood relations,” if our concerns are not represented and residents are intentionally being kept from information.

It is with fervor for our community that we needed to address and correct the false claims made against Clear Skies Above Barre. We openly welcome discussion. Any further questions please send to

Barbara Verburg

Vice President – Clear Skies Above Barre