Clear Skies didn’t send controversial postcard in Barre

Posted 29 November 2019 at 10:55 am


On November 6 at Clear Skies Above Barre, Inc. monthly public meeting, Larry Gaylard, a standing Town Board member, said that a postcard previously sent out to at least one family in our community was sent by Clear Skies Above Barre, Inc.

This postcard contained malicious innuendo pertaining to leaseholders in the proposed industrial wind project. Having been shared on social media by the family that received it, rumors and now accusations about who sent the unaddressed postcard are circulating.

Clear Skies Above Barre did not send out this postcard nor do we have any further knowledge as to where it came from or who may have received it. We will not condone such malice in our community. Our mission is to protect the community of Barre while valuing a sense of community and neighborhood relations. Many members have expressed disgust of the postcard and heavy hearted sadness that our organization would be accused of sending it.

Clear Skies Above Barre will continue to uphold our integrity; all postcards sent will contain our emblem. Since some community members are using the term “opposition” or “anti” groups interchangeably with our organization and other groups/ individuals in the community – Clear Skies Above Barre would like to make clear our organization is separate from other groups forming in our community that are also in opposition to this proposed wind project.

As always we urge our neighbors to seek out the proper authorities if they are being threatened.


Barbara J. Verburg

Acting President – Clear Skies Above Barre