Clarendon resident not happy Howard DA sign put on friend’s property without permission

Posted 6 June 2024 at 2:52 pm


I do not like it when people who are running for an elected position, enter someone’s property without obtaining permission from the property owner.  This is what happened recently to a friend of mine in Clarendon.  My friend has put up several signs in support of John Sansone because they believe he will be a wonderful district attorney.  I have placed a sign on my own property in support of John Sansone.  Our support was based on knowing his hard work and effectiveness.  Sometime in the night the other day, someone entered my friend’s property to put a Susan Howard lawn sign in front of the Sansone sign.  I find this to be both offensive, and honestly, criminal trespassing.

How can Susan Howard allow her supporters to break the law and violate people’s private property to make a case for her to be the chief law enforcement officer of Orleans County.  Truth is, she cannot!

I would like her to do two things.  Apologize publicly for this happening, and second, either manage her campaign volunteers, or realize that if she cannot manage them, she cannot manage the DA’s office.

Fred Seeman