Claims of election fraud were bogus and debunked, over and over again

Posted 31 August 2023 at 9:34 am


It is sad that so many people would rather write you and display their ignorance about claims of 2020 election fraud than inform themselves.

As lawyers lose their licenses and ringleaders are being indicted, they still are not humble enough to do their homework.

The presentation of edited tapes, testimony from people who assumed what was being talked about, made up numbers were all debunked ages ago. One Trump lawyer cried in court when the federal judge asked him to demonstrate why he should be believed.

Dozens of the major fraud allegations repeatedly presented on TV, in over 60 court cases, and in legislatures around the country were reviewed in KING v. WHITIMER.

The long-term problem with Trump and MAGA supporters is their complete lack of humility about being wrong. They prefer to think they are victims both in life and when they do not win rather than grow up. Shilled by doctrine and fueled by hate, they have joined in the creation of some of their own problems.

This is a big world. There are challenges now and ahead to tackle and work on together so we can all prosper. I am tired of tired people with tired ideas who can not be bothered to read.  They hold themselves and everyone else back.

In this case the bogus claims of election fraud are long debunked in black and white.  And to make my point, true or not, the crimes were not the false speech about fraud or the bogus claims in election cases but about the subsequent falsification of records, testimony and violence.

Conrad F. Cropsey