Citizens need to be swayed by facts, not divisive slogans

Posted 6 February 2019 at 10:12 am


I just saw a Facebook thread advocating division of upstate and downstate. It was claimed Medicaid reform could make it work.

Downstate, it turns out, generates 70 percent of the state’s income. Medicaid requirements and costs are federally regulated. Cut them and there goes several community hospitals.  Nursing homes, too.

In this crazy world with lies presented as fact every day, it’s important that facts and not party or stupid slogans inform our decisions. This is one example but here we are in a district that voted for a indicted felon. We are getting what we deserve if we do not step up our game.

A citizen of a poor county that keeps shooting itself in the foot. Can we blame the kids for fleeing?

Conrad F. Cropsey