Circus performers put on an impressive show

Posted 20 January 2023 at 11:31 am


The circus was a wonderful delight for Albion students! We went last night and how delightful!

How smart to have children “free” and the low fee of $15-20 for adults. To have such a well-planned event so close by – no-parking fee –, to encourage children to sit or lay on the floor, to wander around, to join their friends is brilliant.

The children who attended were comfortable within their friendships and their ease. So were the adults in the bleachers! Were there trapeze artists? Were there wild animals? Were there bareback horse riders? No! None of those were necessary!

Instead, there were lines at both the face painters! There was an amazing juggler! A student was asked to help with plate spinning by a wonderful clown. The costume changing acts were really fun to watch.

Was there anything to buy? Oh, sure, $3 kept going out of my pocket for water, popcorn, and cotton candy. No big deal! Were there other things to purchase? Sure! But such a wonderful evening was available because of the teamwork of this circus.

It appears that only a dozen total circus staff are able to bring this to small venues like Albion.  So much has to be planned, licensed, trucked, hauled, set up, costumed, taken down and it all has to work fast and right.

And so a huge thank you to all who arranged and presented Billy Martin’s Cole All Star Circus!

Karen Watt