Church leader says sexuality promoted too soon for children, leading to confusion and division

Posted 16 September 2023 at 12:39 pm


In a recent open letter, area clergy expressed concern over a drag show coming to our local community. Many in our community took this as judgment upon others. I wanted to clarify why our church signed.

Many seemed to express confusion as to why local church leaders may be taking a stand on such an issue. There is a feeling that Jesus would never cast judgment on those who many label “sinners.” If we take a closer look at the life and teachings of Christ, we see Jesus was in fact loving and even accepting of people who struggled with real issues. He walked with them, talked with them and ate with them. As we reflect on the great love of Christ we must be careful, however, that we do not confuse this for an approval of sin.

Consider the adulterous woman. Jesus told those who had no sin to cast the first stone. One by one individuals dropped their stone and walked away. When Jesus asked if there was still anyone to condemn her she said no. Then Jesus told her, “neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more.” You see, Jesus loved and accepted the person. He did not approve of her sin. He loved her enough to speak truth in the hope that there might be a positive change in her life.

Society is changing and with that change our nation and local communities seem to be more polarized than ever. I believe there is a way for us to instead come to the table, eat together, and have open and honest conversations about our convictions and beliefs. When people we disagree with take a position we should see it as an opportunity to come together rather than a moment that tears us apart.

Speaking up on these important issues is becoming more and more important. While we acknowledge the right of people to host and participate in an event they believe appropriate for themselves, there is no doubt there has been an attempt in the modern world to silence those who still hold biblical values. This has led to a great deal of confusion for even children in our society.

When people become blind to the differing values so many others in our communities hold it leads to the type of polarization we see today. The truth is many do not want to see sexuality promoted in our communities, for children to see, when these matters should only be discussed in the home at an age parents feel is appropriate. Ignoring this fact has led to a great deal of confusion and division.

The local school is for education, not a place to promote world views on human sexuality. It is simply inappropriate for youth and children’s programming to promote the idea of transitioning one’s gender when by the same societal standards they are not old enough to get a tattoo or drink a beer.

These positions are not meant to divide. We are simply saying there are certain subjects meant to be left to parents. This is something parents who hold biblical values and those who do not should understand.

Bryan McDowell

Lead Pastor at Oak Orchard Assembly of God in Medina