Having choices on Election Day is good for community

Posted 5 November 2017 at 8:50 am


Looking at the upcoming election, there are more choices at the local level than I can remember in my 30-plus years as a resident of Orleans county. This is a very good thing for the voters.

We need new faces, new ideas in local politics. If one party, any party, is in power too long there are problems, which is why the Conservative Party Committee will not endorse anyone with more than 12 years in office and we encourage all other parties to follow our lead.

We have endorsed candidates this year that support our values, around controlling spending, in the case of board members and supervisors, upholding the constitution in the case of county judge and job efficiency in the case of town clerks.

In addition these candidates are not tied to the “establishment” which is the very reason we have instituted the 12-year endorsement policy mentioned earlier in this letter.

So please vote in the upcoming election, remembering to vote for those candidates the will best support those issues that you care about.

Ken Longer


Conservative Party Committee member