Cheaper to save the Postal Service now, than try to rebuild it later

Posted 16 August 2020 at 9:02 am


Our rural community has got a major problem. Small business sends its bills and we get parts, social security checks, bills, cards, medicines by the United States Postal Service. There is no good alternative.

On Aug. 14, a plan to pull thousands of mailboxes across the country was stopped when a reporter’s photos from Montana spotted it. The public outcry stopped that.

Now we learn almost 700 functioning sorters have been removed. Each scans 30,000 pieces of mail an hour. That is massive. All our mail goes through these centers.

The USPS pensions are required to be funded for decades. This service is required in Art 1 of our Constitution. The Republican Board of Governors has told us how much is needed to get us through as we deal with the COVID beast.

As with so much else right now keeping our way of life will be far cheaper to pay for now – and  keep – now rather than rebuilt later from the ashes. Everyone has to put their foot down on this one!  Call, write, scream, vote.

Conrad F. Cropsey