Census shows first NY population decline since 2005-06

Staff Reports Posted 20 December 2016 at 4:18 pm

The new population estimates came out today from the U.S. Census Bureau and for the first time in a decade the numbers show a decline in New York’s state population.

The Census Bureau estimates count 19,745,289 in the state in 2015-16, which is down 1,894 people from a year earlier.

The new estimates don’t include data for the individual counties, but Orleans has been on a downward trend. The most recent numbers from July 1, 2015 counted 41,582 people in Orleans, down 3.0 percent from the 42,883 in 2010.

The latest state estimate showed New York as a national leader in two categories: foreign immigration, which added 118,748 residents, and “natural increase” (births minus deaths), which added 75,794 people.

However, New York lost 191,367 residents to other states during the year ending last July 1.

While New York’s population dipped, Florida gained another 367,525 residents in 2015-16. Texas led all states with a gain of 432,957 residents in that period. Ranked by percentage growth, Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Florida topped the list.

New York is still the fourth most populous state behind California (39,250,017), Texas (27,882,596), and Florida (20,612,439). Florida passed NY two years ago and has distanced its lead with the latest count.

New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois are three of the states in the top 10 that showed a population decline over the year.

Illinois, No. 5 in population, went down from 12,839,047 to 12,801,539. Pennsylvania, No. 6 in population, shrank from 12,791,904 to 12,784,227 while NY declined from 19,747,183 to 19,745,289, according to the Census Bureau.

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