‘Caturday’ at Canalside Tattoo raised $18k for humane treatment of feral cats

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 11 August 2023 at 8:30 am

MEDINA – The tattoo artists and piercers at Canalside Tattoo raised more than $18,000 during a “Caturday” benefit on July 30.

The funds go to Cat by Cat Inc.’s Medina team which seeks to humanely “TNVR” cats through targeted trapping. Cat by Cat focuses on a TNVR model – Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return.

The Medina team cared for about 200 cats last year. Feral or community cats remains in “overwhelming” problem in Medina and Orleans County, said Shannon Blount, leader of the Medina team.

The $18,304 in total dollars at the fundraiser will go towards neutering, medications, vaccinations, food and cat litter, and other supplies.

The tattoo artists at Canalside donated their time and raised more than $10,000 by doing 100 tattoos. The tattoo team includes Tyler VerCruysse, Andrew London, James Christian, Matt Rolfe, CJ Cruickshank, Shawn Ramsey, David Jednat, Markus Puleo and Maer Rose.

Two piercers, Megan Furness and Maisie Griffin, did 41 piercings and raised more than $1,500.

A basket raffle with 93 items were donated by community members and raised nearly $6,000.

“The community was incredible,” Blount said.

For more information on Cat by Cat, click here.

The basket raffle raised $5,820 for Cat by Cat in Medina.